Fans, Ducting, Carbon Filters

Fans, Ducting, Carbon Filters:

Air circulation, purification and ventilation is an integral part of a successful indoor grow area.

Circulation and the movement of air over your plant leaves helps with transpiration and evaporation and helps to prevent Powdery Mildew. Air movement over plants also helps the plant stems to grow bigger and stronger.

Air purification help to remove unwanted pests, diseases and mold spores from the air inside your grow room and the removal of unwanted smells from the air also falls into this category.

Ventilating a grow area is generally done to lower the air temperature of the area, or to get rid of overly humid air or CO2 depleted air. Different provinces experience different types of weather throughout the year, and the state of the air that is being let into the grow space will have an effect on the resulting environment inside that area.

The use of Fans, Ducting, Carbon Filters will enable you to adequately manage the air exchange and air movement of your indoor grow.

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Showing all 45 results