Grow Tents

Grow Tents – create an ideal environment for your favorite plants and enjoy growing them all year ’round. Different brands and sizes are available.

Grow tents provide a comfortable enclosure to grow your favorite plants in and they act as a buffer zone between the plant environment and the surrounding environment.

Grow tent frames enable you to install your plant lighting easily, as well as maximizing the light output, by reflecting all light back onto the plants. This reflection helps a lot with the amount of available light around the perimeter of your lit area, which can often be deficient without any reflective material present around the edges.

Grow tents allow you to create a warmer or cooler climate than the outside world for your plants – if plants are too hot or too cold, growth will be negatively affected.

A grow tent also creates an unobtrusive, tidy looking space to your plants, allows you to filter out unwanted smells and prevents the plants’ light cycle from interrupting your night time.

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Showing all 48 results