Garden HighPro Tent Pole Connector Packs




Garden HighPro Tent Pole Connector Packs – these hard plastic tent pole connector sets are great for DIY enthusiasts. Construct your own customized grow area with ease, by using 16mm light steel tubes or even wooden dowels (wood is more suitable for smaller, light-duty spaces). Please note that the fit is slightly loose, as these connectors are normally held in place by a sturdy and well fitting tent-canvas that keeps them in place.

PLEASE NOTE: These connectors are made for use with Garden HighPro tent poles, with a 16mm diameter end to end. 

Many types of grow tent poles reduce down to a 14mm diameter on their ends, and use a spring loaded pin to clip the pole into place when inserted into another pole, or into a connector. This variance in diameter could cause problems when using the HighPro connectors… loose-fitting connections may lead to a wobbly, leaning tent that may not handle the strain of suspended light fixtures and other equipment well.

Types of Garden HighPro Tent Pole Connector Packs available:


  • ProBox Tents with widths and depths of between 60 and 150 cm – these are all the smaller sizes of square grow tents.

Garden Highpro Tent Pole Connector Packs 60 to 150

  • 240L Probox Tents – width and depth of 240 x 120 cm

Garden Highpro Tent Pole Connector Packs 240L

  • 240 Probox Tents – Large square tents – width and depth of 240 x 240 cm

Garden Highpro Tent Pole Connector Packs 240


If planning a DIY growing space, make sure that you have your covering material of choice on hand before completing the tent frame completely – this way you would be better able to plan how you will be securing the coving material to your frame and not run into any unpleasant surprises, like forgetting to take overlap into account. ( If your chosen material is 1m wide, for example, your tent frame should ideally be a good bit smaller than 1m, to leave room for fastening and/or overlap )

Products like Black & White Panda Plastic Sheet, Sisalation or Diamond Mylar can can used as covering material, but these materials can be tricky to work with and secure, due to their flexible and relatively thin nature.

A LightHouse Zipper Door “Peel and stick” zipper may also come in very handy!

LightHouse Zipper Door