Because, Nature

CO2 Generator

 Your Mycelium powered CO2 generator comes complete and is already producing CO2  . There is no need to activate it.

All you need to do is place your Mycelium bag in your indoor grow room / tent  (for best results hang your bag just above plant height) and the Mycelium will do the work for you.

Cover Your Crop

Cover Your Crop provides a natural and affordable long term organic solution to providing natural insecticides and fungicides for your garden.

Plants responds to companion planting with stronger growth, greater resistance to disease and pests and better yields which results in more oil production. They can also act as living mulch, shade, green manure and added nutrients, vitamins and minerals can all be achieved by planting the correct companions.

Aurora+ Generation 2 Seed Germinator

The Aurora+ Generation 2 Seed Germinator helps you germinate your seeds without all the environmental stress. You plug it in, add some cotton wool (or use our included punched cotton wool pads), pop in your seed of choice, add a few drops of water and close the lid. Aurora will cocoon your seed/s in a loving glow of warmth (27-28 °C) while maintaining adequate airflow and (the tiniest amount of) light. Do not let germination failures be a result of their environment.

Aurora+ Gen 2 with Exp Diagram