Aurora+ Generation 2 Seed Germinator

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The Aurora+ Generation 2 Seed Germinator helps you germinate your seeds without all the environmental stress. You plug it in, add some cotton wool (or use our included punched cotton wool pads), pop in your seed of choice, add a few drops of water and close the lid. Aurora will cocoon your seed/s in a loving glow of warmth (24-25 OR 27-28 °C) while maintaining adequate airflow and (the tiniest amount of) light. Do not let germination failures be a result of their environment.

YES, the latest Auroras now have 2 heat settings once again!

The original Aurora+ made better:

12 germination cavities
2 x custom cut cotton pad sets
1 x Handling tweezers
1 x USB-C cable
2-Pin Power supply included

The Aurora+ Generation 2 Seed Germinator series also features an Expansion Pack (sold separately) – this pack consists of an aluminum spacer and humidity dome that magnetically clips onto the base unit and allows you to root cuttings on top of your Aurora+ using Jiffy Preforma Plugs! See diagram below…

Aurora+ Gen 2 with Exp Diagram


Aurora New 2023 Version Dual Heat