Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger


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Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger is a water-soluble organic liquid plant food concentrate. Contains all the macro as well as micronutrients plus a growth stimulant.

It contains all the essential nutrients to obtain optimum growth of houseplants, acid loving and all flowering plants, vegetables, herbs, seedlings, groundcovers, fruit bearing plants and lawns.

Nutrient content:

80.0 g/kg N
20.0 g/kg P
60.0 g/kg K

Growth Stimulant: 0.003g/kg Gibberelic Acid

Plus trace elements :

7.0 g/kg Mg
6.0 g/kg Ca
4.0 g/kg S
6.0 g/kg Fe
0.1 g/kg Cu
1.0 g/kg Zn
4.0 g/kg Mn
0.23 g/kg B
0.15 g/kg Mo

Direction for Use:

Shake well before use.

Application rate: Dilute 10ml of Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger with 3L of water. Can be applied with a fine rose water can or pressure garden sprayer.

General (for all Plants): Apply diluted mixture to soil surface to drench. Wet soil and plants thoroughly. Repeat every two to four weeks for optimum results.

Seed: Before sowing seeds, soak the seed overnight in diluted mixture of Organic Supercharger to boost germination.

Lawns, Growncovers and Seedlings: Drench planted area with 5L of diluted mixture per 10m2. Repeat every two to 4 weeks.

Environmental hazard: Harmless to fish, birds, wild life, earthworms, micro-organisms, pets and humans. No harmful toxic residues. No secondary poisoning.