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Free Shipping for orders over R 777.00


Times are tough and everybody is feeling the pinch so we decided to reduce the stress on your wallet by removing the courier charge for orders over R 777.00.

As with everything, there are some conditions:

– Valid from 1 August 2022 until 1 September 2022

– The R777.00 limit is in effect after all discounts on your cart ( on sale items, coupons and store credit)

– This applies to Online Retail Customers ONLY

– Outlying areas will still have a surcharge added but it will have basic courier charge removed

– Predatory mites will still have a courier charge for non Cape Town local orders (it is a separate overnight flyer)

– Predatory mites will have a small charge for packaging for Cape Town local orders

Addendum: Some bulky/heavy products are unfortunately excluded from this offer – if your cart total is over R777.00, the only shipping fees that will be charged will be for these excluded products, if there are any in your cart.

Excluded product examples:

  • Substrates, like craft soils, LECA, perlite and vermiculite, worm castings, coir bricks ( reserves the right to hold back orders where clients are abusing the offer by ordering large amounts of small volume substrates until the applicable shipping fees for the volume totals of these substrates have been received)
  • 60lt, 25lt, and 25kg Nutrients
  • Large grow trays, like the 1.2m Garland grow tray

Get your grow on and grow your own!