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The heating pad creates perfect conditions for all types of propagation: Flexible warmth, where you need it. Helps overwintering of frost tender plants.

Applying heat to the bottom of a flat as the seeds germinate will increase your success and ensure a healthy root system. YOU WILL NEED SOME INSULATION BETWEEN THE HEATING PAD AND THE SEEDLING TRAYS, if not using a temperature controller. If no controller is present, use a thermometer inside one of the soil filled seedling tray cells and adjust insulation until desired soil temp is achieved.

A heating Pad will ensure that your seeds have a constant steady temperature. This results in faster and also more even germination. Chili plants, peppers, sweet peas and many more need at least 19°C soil temperature and above to germinate. If your home is cold or you have an unheated greenhouse, then it will heat just the seed trays and you won’t face a bill for heating the whole room. It also allows you to extend the sowing season. They can be used to help cuttings strike, and you can utilize the mats to overwinter tender specimens.

Please note: the heating pad requires a standard plug to be fitted.

Size: 35cm X 35cm
Watts: 25W
Surface Temperature: +/- 35 to 40 degrees Celsius
Voltage: 220V – 240V