Seedling Trays

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Seedling trays are suitable for starting seeds or cuttings.

They will hold Jiffys or Rock Wool plug (36mm x 40mm). Alternatively, use your seedling mix (Promix) in the tray.

Seed Tray MicrogreenSeed Tray Microgreen

Length: 470mm
Width: 350mm
Depth: 65mm






45 Cell Tray

Length: 540mm
Width: 275mm
Shape: Round
Diameter: 48mm
Depth: 60mm

84 Cell Tray

Length: 530mm
Width: 310mm
Shape: Square
Length: 37mm
Depth: 60mm


Soak seeds for 24 hours in distilled water

Plant seeds twice as deep as the width of the seed.

Germinating seeds 21°C – 32°C (25°C), shadowy warm location. Top of Fridge

Keep evenly moist

Rockwool: slice open – root must be 1.5cm long so doesn’t heave up and out.

7 – 10 days: Cotyledon Leaves

10 – 14 days: True leaves

Can apply quarter-strength Nuts now

Growing medium – evenly moist

Keep growing medium 2°C – 5°C warmer than ambient air temperature

Ambient temperature 24°C – growing medium 25°C – 27°C

Seedlings need at least 16 hours of light for 2 to 3 weeks

Seedlings require less intense light.