Garland XL High Dome Propagator


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The Garland XL High Dome Propagator is an unheated high dome propagator designed by Garland and to our knowledge one of the largest injection molded propagator on the market. The base tray of the Garland XL High Dome Propagator does not feature drainage holes, given that most users opt to fill the unit with smaller trays or pots or multi cell inserts.


The lid of the Garland XL High Dome Propagator is Injection molded in crystal clear shatter resistant material. The lid features 2 adjustable ‘dial’ ventilators to control the humidity and optimize growing conditions

Dimensions – 58cm (l) x 40.5cm (w) x 22.5cm (h)

This is a Premium range of propagation, all made from high quality recycled plastics. These items are super strong and durable, with thicker wall sections offering extra rigidity. The trays are easy to clean and can even be put in a dishwasher. Although injection molded trays are generally more expensive than vacuum formed equivalents, they will easily last for 10 years or more.

Propagators are simple to obtain and provide an ideal start for young plants. A propagator holds in humidity and warm air while allowing seedlings to receive light. This an easy way to maintain a good environment for very young seedlings . However, since the cover prevents normal air movement (which is very important as it encourages young plants to grow strong stems),  seedlings should not be kept in a covered propagator for too long.

Once the young plants produce their second or third pair of leaves, or if they grow taller than about 7 cm with only the first pair, the cover of the propagator should be removed. A small oscillating fan on the lowest setting is a good way to give indoor plants the air movement they need, while outdoor plants can start to receive the natural outdoor air movement when they have reached this size.