Because Nature Mycelium CO2 Generator




Because Nature Mycelium CO2 Generator utilizes Shiitake mushroom mycelium to generate additional CO2 for your grow area for months. Inside your bag is a living Mycelium culture growing on a sawdust substrate. Just like us humans Mycelium inhales O2 and exhales CO2 . This is great news as C02 is a vital gas your plant requires to be able to photosynthesize. 

Because Nature Mycelium CO2 Generator Large bag should provide enough additional CO2 for a 1.8 m x 1.8 m x 1.8 m area for 4 months.

Because Nature Mycelium CO2 Generator Small bag should provide enough additional CO2 for a 1.8 m x 1.8 m x 1.8 m area for 2 months.

The Mycelium in your bag will consume the O2 waste from your plant and in exchange produce CO2 for your plants, allowing them to photosynthesize at their best.

All you need to do is place your Mycelium bag in your indoor grow room / tent (for best results hang your bag just above plant height) and the Mycelium will start doing the work for you. 

Over time the bags will fully colonize, giving off CO2 for your plants all along the way.

Bags should always kept clean, be handled carefully, and never opened or punctured during colonization. The white fabric breather filter should be kept clean and dry, to prevent potential contamination of the substrate.


  • Bags are inoculated ( production date )
  • Mycelium is allowed to colonize the substrate for up to 2 weeks, before the bags are refrigerated, to drastically slow down their development.
  • The substrate will firstly become fully covered with fine, feathery mycelium.
  • The mycelium will then develop round white masses all over the outside of the substrate, resembling popcorn.
  • This will turn from white, to beige, to brown, to almost black over time.
  • When the mass reaches this almost black appearance, it is recommended to replace the bag.
  • The Shiitake mushroom substrate CAN also be fruited once fully colonized, and after harvesting the remaining mycelium can be mixed into your other organic growing mediums.

If not using straight away, store in fridge to stop the Mycelium growth. When ready to use, place in grow area.