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Activated Carbon Pellets are great for extracting organic compounds from the air.

Carbon filters incorporating activated carbon pellets are the ideal filtration system solution for hydroponic gardens.  Apart from filtering air, carbon filters also trap odour molecules, mainly produced by plants such as chilli peppers, orchids, herbs & spices and thus serve a dual purpose of improving air circulation and keeping the cultivating area odour free.

After 12 to 18 months of use, the filters begin to lose their effectiveness and need to be replaced.

Sold per 1Kg 

( pellets are 4 mm in diameter, 3 to 7 mm in length on average )

Carbon is activated by burning it in an oxygen-depleting atmosphere. Similar to how wood smoulders in a stove when only a small amount of oxygen is present. In a kiln it is similar, but there is much less oxygen and the temperatures are much higher. When the carbon is exposed to these high temperatures in the presence of little oxygen and with excess steam, microscopic pores open up within the carbon. This creates a greater surface area and charges the carbon with positive electrons which attracts the negatively charged ions in the organic compound (i.e. smells and gases).

ALL activated carbon is rendered ineffective in an environment with humidity levels over 85%. Keep humidity levels below 80% or the odour absorbing reaction will be unable to take place inside the carbon.