HydroDepot Dual Speed Inline Fan 200mm

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HydroDepot Dual Speed Inline Fan 200mm – a two speed mixed flow fan, perfect for high pressure, quiet air movement. They have an integral mounting bracket and come wired with a 1.5m lead. They have a release system, making it easy to maintain and clean.


Power Draw: 123 / 128 W, 0.53 Amp

Noise: 55 / 63 db

More on ventilation…

Ventilation fans like the HydroDepot Dual Speed Inline Fan 200mm fans are essential components in grow tents and grow rooms, providing a controlled environment that is crucial for the health and productivity of plants. These fans facilitate the exchange of stale, humid air with fresh air, which helps maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. Proper ventilation prevents mold and mildew growth, reduces the risk of pest infestations, and ensures that plants receive an adequate supply of carbon dioxide, which is vital for photosynthesis. By maintaining a stable environment, ventilation fans help create the ideal conditions for robust plant growth and high yields.

Moreover, ventilation fans play a significant role in managing odors and improving overall air quality within grow tents and grow rooms. Many plants, especially those with strong fragrances, can produce odors that may be overwhelming in enclosed spaces. Ventilation systems equipped with carbon filters can effectively neutralize these odors, ensuring a pleasant working environment. Additionally, good air circulation helps prevent hot spots and ensures that all parts of the plants receive uniform exposure to light and nutrients. This even distribution promotes consistent growth patterns and helps maximize the efficiency of lighting and nutrient use, contributing to healthier, more productive plants.