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Aluminium Tape is highly reflective. Aluminium Tape is very useful in that once you stick it down it will not fall off  when exposed to moisture rich environments.

50 m roll, 5 cm wide.

Aluminium tape is particularly effective for joining or sticking down Mylar or Sisalation or joining ducting pieces together.

Siliconised release backing paper needs to be peeled off before use.

  • Conformable tape resists flame, moisture, weather, UV degradation and many chemicals, making it ideal for a variety of applications
  • Heat and light reflective tape protects, insulates and enhances lighting efficiency
  • Withstands a wide temperature range
  • Thermally conductive tape helps dissipate heat and improves heating and cooling efficiency
  • Transparent acrylic adhesive combined with the rugged, durable backing provides long service life both indoors and out.

         50 m Roll, 5cm wide