RAM Wall Mounted Fan


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RAM Wall Mounted Fan:

Ideal as a grow room wall fan, this 40w oscillating fan features a 400mm blade and three speed settings. It has pull cords for ease of use rather than remote control operation so if for any unforeseeable reason the power supply gets interrupted the fan will automatically restart rather than waiting for a remote start.

A wall fan in a grow room is ideal for circulating the area to avoid any hotspots occurring from lighting equipment, as well as helping with vapor removal from leaf surfaces. A breeze over the plants will also help create stronger thicker stems.

Technical Specifications:
Size: Approx. 400mm (16”) – the actual blade diameter is around 340mm, and the mesh cover diameter is around 430mm
Power: 40w
Voltage: 220-240v/50Hz
Speed: 3 speed settings
Plug and cord: 2-Pin, approx. 170cm long

  • The fan must be mounted on a solid flat wall, using the fixtures provided and in the correct orientation ( upright ). Operating the fan in any incorrect position will cause the oscillation mechanism to fail and will not be covered under warranty.
  • The fan head’s tilt (blowing upwards or downwards) is manually set by tightening the thumb screw on the mount.
  • The RAM Wall Mounted Fan has two cord pull-strings of approx. 28cm long: One for turning oscillation on or off, and the other to cycle between off, speed 1, speed 2 or speed 3.

Having the right ventilation set-up is vitally important to controlling temperature and humidity. Problems like disease, poor growth, yields and pest control issues are associated with a lack in control of these two factors. Ensuring there is a good supply of fresh air in indoor growing areas can be the difference between success and failure and therefore a need for the element of control.

When growing in an enclosed space, we advise using both an extractor fan and an intake fan. The extractor will remove the moist, warm air (high humidity) along with other respiratory by-products and helps to replenish carbon dioxide. The intake fan should be placed at the opposite end of the growing environment to help control humidity and temperature and introduce carbon dioxide into the area.

By making sure that you have the right carbon filter, fan and ducting combination, you can save time, money and effort in the long-run. Measuring up your room correctly is highly important to ensure that the correct ventilation system is chosen and its subsequent success of maintaining an efficient growing area.