Flanged Spigot Square Plate


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Flanged Spigot Square Plate is used to fix to a flat surface such as a wall or door and slots inside ducting.  Attach ducting to the Flanged Spigot Square Plate as it exits a room. Manufactured from galvanized mild steel.

This handy bit of kit is used for connecting ducting to any wall or surface you choose. It literally is a hole with a flange around it for fixing to the wall and for attaching ducting to. As simple as that!

Use clamps or aluminium tape to connect ducting to spigot.

The reason for ventilating a grow room is simple; plants need fresh air. Therefore, every grow-op requires air exchange. That means cool, fresh air in, and stale, hot air out. Too many growers get ventilation wrong and encounter all kinds of problems later in the grow. Bugs, fungi, and mold love a hot, humid environment with poor airflow. Like it or not, ventilation is essential to cultivation.

Outdoors, the wind naturally circulates air so plants can grow healthy and strong. A light breeze strengthens stems and helps plant leaves transpire. Plus, it makes it that much more difficult for creepy crawlies to take up residence in the garden. If you are growing indoors, you must control airflow and maintain air exchange artificially.