RAM AirTech Heavy Filter 250mm

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RAM AirTech Heavy Filter 250mm: 250mm diameter,  2000M³/H – a high-quality long life air filter using premium Australian activated carbon. The carbon filling is machine-packed for superior compaction, and the compaction maintained by a ring of Acoustafoam expanding compaction foam. The deep carbon bed is confined within concentric mesh cylinders made from rugged perforated Zintec sheet, with end caps also made of Zintec for strength. A machine-washable pre-filter sleeve is provided and secured with elastic silicon bands at either end to prevent dust clogging the filter. Even with its impressive airflow rating, this filter will capture malodorous volatiles. 

Key selling points:  

  • Impressive airflow 
  • Excellent performance – captures malodorous volatiles 
  • Machine-packed premium Australian activated carbon 
  • Compaction maintained by Acoustafoam ring 
  • Rugged all-Zintec body 
  • Washable pre-filter sleeve  

RAM AirTech Heavy Filter 250mm Technical Specifications:   

  • Rated for airflow up to: 2000 m³/hr 
  • Duct / filter neck nominal diameter: 250 mm (10”) 
  • Filter length: 660 mm (26”) 
  • Carbon bed depth: 60mm 
  • Cylindrical Zintec perforated mesh: 55% open area 
  • Body material: Zintec zinc-coated steel sheet. 

Q: How should I choose a carbon filter to match the fan that I shall use? 
A: When setting up your ventilation system, of course the first consideration is the diameter. It is simpler to set up if ducting, fan and filter all have the same nominal diameter, although the diameter of fan and filter can vary. If this is the case, it is recommended to use a filter of a slightly larger diameter than the fan, rather than the other way around. Bear in mind that adding ducting and a filter will increase the operating pressure of the system, and consequently the actual flow rate of your fan will be reduced from its free flow rate. As a rule of thumb, choose a filter with a flow rate 20% larger than the fan’s free flow rate. 
Also, remember that all filters work more effectively if the actual air flow is lower than the rated air flow. A filter with a higher rated air flow than the true air flow of the system will work more effectively, for longer.