Budget Carbon Filters

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Budget Carbon Filters with pre-filter material sleeves, now available in the following sizes:

100 mm ⌀ (flange diameter): Length: 500 mm. Capacity: 300 m3/hr. Weight: 5.o5 kg

150 mm ⌀ (flange diameter): Length: 500 mm. Capacity: 500 m3/hr. Weight: 7.2 kg

200 mm ⌀ (flange diameter): Length: 600 mm. Capacity: 850 m3/hr. Weight: 9.8 kg

Filters normally last between 12 and 18 months before full adsorption, depending on air quality filtered and hours used per day. Carbon filters stop working in 85% + R.H. environments, do not use in super humid environments.

Don’t forget to add a set of Garden HighPro ProHangers to your order, to hang your carbon filter with, if needed.

More on air filtering with carbon scrubbers/filters…

Matching an extraction fan with a carbon air filter for a grow room is essential for maintaining optimal air quality and controlling odors effectively. To achieve the best results, the airflow capacity of the extraction fan, measured in cubic meters per hour (m³/h), should be compatible with the carbon filter’s rated m³/h. This ensures that the fan can effectively pull air through the filter without overwhelming it. Additionally, considering the size of the grow room is crucial; the fan and filter combination should be capable of exchanging the air in the room every 1-3 minutes. For instance, a grow room with a volume of 6 cubic meters would require an extraction system with a capacity of 120-360 m³/h. Properly matching these components not only maximizes odor control but also maintains a healthy environment by efficiently removing excess heat and humidity, crucial for the successful cultivation of plants like cannabis.

When adding a carbon filter (like the Budget Carbon Filters) to an extraction fan system, it’s important to account for the inevitable capacity loss that occurs due to the added resistance. A carbon filter can reduce the fan’s effective airflow by up to 25-30%, depending on the filter’s quality and the density of the carbon. This reduction means that if your fan is rated for 300 m³/h, the actual airflow might drop to around 210-225 m³/h once the filter is installed. To compensate for this loss, it’s advisable to choose a fan with a higher capacity than initially required or ensure that the combined system’s capacity still meets the necessary air exchange rates for your grow room. Properly accounting for this capacity loss ensures efficient air purification and maintains the desired environmental conditions for optimal plant growth.