Sonoff TH Elite 20Amp Smart Switch


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Sonoff TH Elite 20Amp Smart Switch:

The Sonoff TH Elite (the upgraded version of the Sonoff TH) is a Temperature and Humidity monitoring WiFi smart switch with an LCD screen.

It interfaces with the eWeLink home automation smartphone app, allowing you to monitor and automate your grow area, or other spaces like your home or office.

The TH Elite can be programmed from the app to provide current (electricity) to equipment in many ways…

  • Schedules and Timers (Even schedules with 100’s of short ON and OFF cycles per day – as is necessary when doing aeroponics)
  • “Scenes” can also be set up, using data from the sensor that is plugged into the TH Elite – when certain conditions are met, the switch turns ON or OFF, e.g: IF Temperature sensor reads more than 28 degrees, turn Fan ON.
  • You can use the data from the TH Elite to control other Sonoff smart switches (even ones that work on the Zigbee protocol). Data from Zigbee sensors can also turn the TH Elite switch on or off.


  • No system is perfect – always monitor your automation to ensure that your plants aren’t in danger!
  • Not all electrical equipment is suitable for remote operation – some may “light up” (Power up) when its smart switch engages (turns ON), but it may still need a person to press a button on the device, or its remote, before it will actually start to OPERATE.
  • Sensors for the TH Elite are SOLD SEPARATELY
  • This is the 20Amp version – do not wire up equipment of more than 20Amp!
  • The sensor connector has been upgraded to RJ11 which supports hot-plugging, making the connection more stable and reliable.

TH16 Elite Wiring

Sonoff TH Elite 20Amp Smart Switch


  • 20A Max & Dry Contact Output – Supports connecting up to 20A Max load, dry contact output.
  • LCD Screen- Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity data, the screen refreshes every 5 seconds.
  • 6-Month Temp & Humidity Historical Data by Hours- Supports reviewing temp & humidity history data by hour, day and month. 6-month history data can be exported in .xlsx format and accurate to hour.
  • Local Automatic Control- Support LAN control, automatic control is more reliable. You can set 8 automatic control programs for you to save electricity bills and create comfortable surroundings. (Timers and Schedules will work without WiFi, SCENES that include other smart switches as well would need WiFi to work)
  • Voice Control and Query- Work with Alexa, Google Assistant, you can query temperature and humidity values by your voice.


  • Sonoff TH Elite 20AMP
  • Model: THR320D
  • THR320D Input/Output: 100-240V~50/60Hz 20A Max
  • Dry contact: 5-30V, 1A Max
  • Casing material: PC V0
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 10.5 × 6.4 × 3.9 cm

Compatible Sensor details:

The RL560 sensor extension cable can connect the SONOFF temperature and humidity sensors to extend your device’s distance. THS01, DS18B20 can be extended to 60M, and MS01 Soil Moisture Sensor can be extended to 10M.

THS01 Sensor

  • Sensor Type: Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • Connector type: RJ11 4P4C
  • Temperature Measuring Range: –40℃~+85°C
  • Humidity Measuring Range: 0~100%RH
  • Cable Length: 50cm

DS18B20 Sensor

  • Sensor Type: Waterproof temperature sensor
  • Connector type: RJ11 4P4C
  • Working Temperature: -55℃~+125℃
  • Length: 50cm

MS01 Sensor

  • Sensor Type: Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Humidity Measuring Range: 0~100%RH
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0℃~60°C
  • Cable Length: 50cm

RL560 Sensor Extension Cable

  • Conductor resistance: max.10Ω
  • Insulation resistance: min.5MΩ
  • Length: 5m cable length & Max. 60m extendable length.

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