Sobo Mist Maker


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The Sobo Mist Maker uses ultrasonic atomizing technology to create an ultra fine mist or fog without actual evaporation taking place. This makes it a great tool to use inside an aeroponic type cloner or to increase humidity in an enclosed space. The Mist Maker can also be used for foliar feeding as the leaves are able to absorb the minute water particles very easily.

Bigger mist-makers are also available…MistMaker 3 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Solutions with very high or very low pH values should be avoided, as this most cause corrosion. The atomizing film should be kept clean and often be washed to maintain maximum fogging capacity. Mineral salt buildups can be dissolved using rinsing agents like FlashClean.

The spray head should be installed flat (horizontally), with the water level  5 – 10 mm higher than the top of the unit. If the Sobo Mist Maker is submerged lower than this, misting capacity will be reduced. When the top of the mist maker is above the water level, the atomizer will automatically go into protection mode and stop operation. The Mist Maker should be installed in a container that is large enough to catch the water splashes caused by the ultrasonic diaphragm.

Ideally, the Mist Maker should not be run constantly 24/7, but rather be used for intervals at a time. The diaphragm can be unscrewed and replaced if it has reached the end of its lifespan.

Also has LED lights !!! 🤣