Aeroponic Cloner

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The Aeroponic Cloner allows you to clone your favourite plant easily and is designed to ensure maximum efficiency when propagating cuttings.

( Cloner is most effective for soft to medium plant cuttings )

The Aeroponic Cloner  sprays a mist onto plant cuttings which are suspended in mid-air by reusable Neoprene Discs, allowing the maximum amount of oxygen to penetrate developing root systems.

So instead of rooting your cuttings in rooting media like Rockwool, Coco Peat, Vermiculite or Jiffys, the Aeroponic Cloner allows you to actually see the roots developing.

Roots may start to appear in as little as 3 – 5 days for most varieties. Aeroponic cloning provides an effective way to clone all of your favorite plant varieties.

Includes everything you need to produce 22 new plants:

  • 45L reservoir (Size: 44cm x 39cm x 37cm)
  • Submersible  pump
  • Misting manifold with misters
  • 22 x 50ml net pots
  • 22 x neoprene discs
  • Humidity Dome

Recommended additions not included with the cloner:

Striker Cloning Gel

– Hydroponic nutrients

– Additional pots, growing medium to transplant rooted cuttings into