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The ROOTiT Small Propagator (12 cm high from base to top of dome) is great for rooting cuttings as well as for seed germination and young seedlings.

A 24 Cell ROOTiT Seedling Tray Insert is also available for these propagators. Sold Separately.

The base (including lip edges) measures 32 cm x 21 cm, providing ample room for propagation. The ridged base raises seed trays and rockwool cubes from the bottom of the tray, allowing for drainage of excess water. The plastic thickness of the base is very similar to our Humidity Dome bases – thinner and more bendable than a hard plastic base (e.g. Garland Propagators) but still durable enough for light use over time.

The clear dome lid is also made of a very acceptable plastic thickness (not as thick and rigid as a Garland hard plastic dome top, yet ideal for light to moderate use over time) and feature a ventilation port on the top of the dome.

Set up your ROOTiT Small Propagator in conjunction with heat mats, temperature controllers, CFL lighting, etc., to create the perfect conditions for your seeds and cuttings to thrive in!

The ROOTiT Small Propagator can comfortably fit 2 x small seedling trays, e.g. 4 cell, 6 cell, 8 cell and 12 cell.

*Lighter to show scale – not included

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