DynaMist Cutting Mist Spray


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DynaMist Cutting Mist Spray (200ml spray bottles) is specially formulated to help enhance the health and vigor of tender young plants while promoting robust root development and elongation of of root hairs and is ideal for use on soft and semi-hardwood cuttings and clones.

DynaMist Cutting Mist Spray helps to prevent losses in the critical first few days when cuttings are at their most vulnerable. This handy spray contains and essential vitamin and mineral blend and also helps prevent dehydration of your cuttings.

It can be used to pre-treat donor plants 2-3 days before taking cuttings and also to treat cutting for the first 3 days after separation for the donor or mother plants. DynaMist Cutting Mist Spray is also a great tonic to spray onto your cutting if they are flagging to give them a boost and bring them back to good health.


Store safely away from children, pets and food and read instructions and warnings before using.


  • Shake well before use.
  • If possible, spray mother plants once or twice in the 2 weeks before taking cuttings.
  • Also spray onto mother plants during the 2 or 3 days before taking cuttings.
  • Spray cuttings again when set into your substrate and humidity dome of choice .
  • Mist cuttings once every 2 or 3 days after that, until rooted.
  • Can also be apply whenever clones / cutting look dry.