ROOTiT Seedling Trays


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ROOTiT Seedling Trays are now available and are made to fit into the 2 sizes of ROOTiT Propagators that are available on our website.

ROOTiT Seedling trays are suitable for plant propagation, seed germination, plant cuttings, etc.

The trays have cells (42mm diameter on the top lip, reducing in size towards the bottoms of the cells) that will hold most pre-formed propagation media, e.g. Rock Wool plugs or Jiffy Preforma (“Glue)” plugs.

PLEASE NOTE: The new 60 Cell Tray design has octagonal sides, but is still the same sized cavity…

New 60 Cell ROOTiT Seedling Tray

Smaller, 33mm Jiffy 7 Pellets fit perfectly into these tray cells…

Alternatively, use your favorite seedling mix in the trays.


24 Cell Tray Dimensions:

Length: 290mm
Width: 190mm
Shape: Round
Cell Diameter: 42mm
Cell Depth: 45mm

ROOTiT Small Propagator
Fits perfectly into the ROOTiT Small Propagator. (Propagator sold separately) 


60 Cell Tray Dimensions (Old type – round holes) :

Length: 520mm
Width: 320mm
Shape: Round
Cell Diameter: 42mm
Cell Depth: 45mm

60 Cell Tray Dimensions (New type – octagonal holes) :

Length: 515mm
Width: 295mm
Shape: Octagonal
Cell Diameter: 42mm
Cell Depth: 40mm

ROOTiT Large Propagator
Fits perfect into the ROOTiT Large Propagator. (Propagator sold separately)