PLANTiT Aeroponic Cloning System

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The PLANTiT Aeroponic Cloning System helps create a great environment for your plant cuttings and clones to take root and thrive. Different colored neoprene collars help growers to easily keep track of different strains of plant, or of cuttings that are added to the cloner system on different dates. This improves the organization of a busy grow room environment. Add a air stone bubbler to your system for increased aeration of your solution within the reservoir. A 5-head manifold mists the roots at all times, while also allowing for a great amount of air exposure.

PLANTiT Aeroponic Cloning System Features:

  • Easy to install humidity dome
  • Highly economical
  • Different colored neoprene collars included
  • Adjustable air vents on humidity dome
  • One of the quickest ways to root plant clones and cuttings

The 24-clone system sprays the root/rootzone in water using mist/droplets, created by pumping water through a nozzle manifold attached to a water pump. This is very close to aeroponics, although the droplet size is larger because the water pump is a low pressure pond type pump.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to know that a LOT of rooting hormone will be needed when using this system, as the hormone will dissolve in the water in the reservoir. The amount of water in the reservoir must cover the top of the body of the water pump. A full tub of Striker Rooting Gel can easily be used in this amount of water, to counteract the dilution of the rooting hormone into the water.

ALSO IMORTANT – Apart from ensuring that the root-side (water) temperature and leaf-side (ambient) temperature is correct, the system should also be sterilized before cloning – to kill off any bacteria that can badly affect the outcome of a batch of clones.

Tips and tricks for successful cloning HERE.