Hydrodepot Metal Halide 600W


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Hydrodepot Metal Halide 600W lamp – fits E40 screw-in fittings.

HYDRODEPOT DESIGNED FOR PLANT GROWTH SUPER MH 6K, SINGLE ENDED Horticultural Lamp. Provldes a more great vegetative spectrum. Delivers an optimized photosynthetic active radiation spectrum, promoting heathy plant growth. Specifically designed for use with high frequency electronic ballasts.

The absence of frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam. The jacket is made from quartz glass.  For horizontal burning only. One year warranty. Compatible with both magnetic and electronic ballasts.

Hydrodepot Metal Halide 600W Spectrum

More on blue light in the light spectrum…

The importance of blue light in the vegetative plant stage cannot be overstated. Blue wavelengths, ranging from 400 to 500 nanometers, are highly effective in stimulating chlorophyll production, which is essential for photosynthesis. This results in bushier plants with thicker foliage, as blue light encourages plants to grow compactly and develop a dense canopy. The Hydrodepot Metal Halide 600W provides a powerful source of blue light, mimicking natural sunlight and giving your plants the best start possible. Invest in this metal halide lamp to boost your indoor garden’s performance and achieve lush, vibrant growth during the critical vegetative phase.

What to get with your lamp…

You will of course need a ballast, which will “fire up” the lamp on startup, and keep it running smoothly while it’s on. Reflectors are the preferred method for hanging up the lamps in your grow area (using ratchet hangers) – these bounce ALL the light emitted from your lamp down onto your plants. Timers also come in very handy, especially digital timers – they don’t lose time during power outages.