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Digital Timer: Automate your hydroponic growing system with a Digital Timer for convenience and control.

If your timer has no display upon receipt … plug it in ( to charge the internal battery ) for an hour or two. Then , GENTLY press the reset button to activate the timer ( Do not press in too deep, as the soft rubber button may fall right into the timer body, and the timer will have to be reset using a metal paperclip from the point onward ).

Control your hydroponic grow with a Digital Timer for your lamps, fans, pumps and other devices.

Digital Timers have the advantage of keeping time during load-shedding.

Timers allow you to turn devices on and off without having to be present to do so.

Test your timers at least once a month to ensure that they are in proper working order.

Advisable to keep a spare in case of a faulty timer as they may burn out after a certain amount of time, or with high Amps when switching ON.

When powering up equipment with high combined Amperes use a Contact Relay in conjunction with the timer to help prevent the timer from burning out.

Technical Data

  • Minimum Time Setting: 1 Minute
  • Maximum number of ON times per 24 hour cycle: 8
  • 16A 230V AC 3000 Watt
  • ON/OFF switch and neon indicator
  • Digital setting ON, OFF or auto clock program

(Exact timer model, as shown in picture may vary from time to time, e.g. button layout, button colour, etc) …

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