E40 Lamp Holder


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An E40 Lamp Holder device which mechanically supports a lamp for the purposes of making electrical contact with the lamp.

  • E40 is the standard fitting for all our HPS, MH and CFL bulbs
  • DIY – Build your own light system

E40 Lamp Holder  fitting is commonly used for horticultural lamps. Useful for growers who are creating their own lighting fixtures or those who have no need for a reflector. The holder is suitable for use with all CFLs,  MH and HPS lamps.

Please note: Our E40 socket CFL lights (85 Watt and 140 Watt) emit a colour temperature of 6400K ( “Cool Blue” ), ideal for vegetative growth. Our 2700K (“Warm White”) CFL lights (200 Watt), also E40 light fitting.

We suggest starting off with 140 Watt Cool Blue E40 CFL’s if you are planning to switch colour temperatures during the later stages of your grow cycle.