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A Contact Relay will protect the your ballast and HID lamps from any power surges and the timers from burning out from overload from the control gear.

We recommend that you use with a Contact Relay for safety and protection of the lights against lighting and power surge.

This style of Contact Relay does not have a built in timer so you will need to purchase one of these separately.

Also know as a contactor relay or relay contactor.

Timers can be used to automate your hydroponic system or your grow light or both. This means you do not have to switch your system on and off everyday yourself . . . very useful! If you wish to automate any HPS or Metal Halide grow light over 250w you will need to use a contact relay (contactor relay) to handle the inductive load of the ballast. This load (the amount of power a ballast draws to start up and power the light) can cause timers to fail, leaving your plants in darkness.

16A Resistive/Inductive
240v AC
Plugs 16
Janus Socket 16A
This will safely run 4 x 400w or 3x 600w HID lamps.

Do not get wet!
Do not tamper with unit!
Do not exceed the recommended loads!

1. The contact relay can switch up to 16 amps of HID lights
2. Locate a multi plug socket a safe distance way from the ground and ensure that both sockets are switched off.
3. Plug timer into left hand socket of multi plug socket.
4. Insert plug marked “timer” on contact relay into timer.
5. Insert plug marked “mains” on contact relay into the right hand socket on the Multi plug socket.
6. Plug the HID (250w/400w) lights into Janus socket end of Contact relay.
7. Make sure that all plugs and sockets are kept well away from all liquids.
8. Turn on switches to or on Multi plug sockets.