Hydrodepot 600W Digital Ballast

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The Hydrodepot 600W digital ballast / electronic ballast features passive cooling technology and a 4 setting Wattage selection switch.

The ballast has a female kettle plug connector output that plugs into reflectors and cooling hoods fitted with a male kettle plug connector.

The ballast has soft start technology and runs various types of HPS or MH lamps.

A 600W lamp can be “boosted” by setting to the 660W setting, or can be run at lower Wattages

400W lamps to be run at 400W or below

250W lamps to be run only at 250W

Always follow responsible and correct installation and operating procedures.

The Hydrodepot 600W digital ballast has built in thermal protection cut-out switch, which may be triggered by power surges in electricity supply or too high ambient temperatures ( not to exceed 40 deg. Celsius )

1 year warranty from date of purchase.