Black White Panda Plastic Sheet




Black/White Plastic Sheet, or panda film as it is often called, is black on one side and a 90 percent reflective white on the other side allowing light to be reflected back to your plants where it belongs. Panda film is an inexpensive reflective material for grow room walls or green house barriers or floors.

Use Black/White Plastic Sheet to reflect light and also prevent mold and algae growth on walls. Panda Film can provide a light proof barrier for partitioning rooms, covering hydroponic grow media, waterproof flooring, making reservoir covers or a variety of other gardening uses.


• Long lasting in exposed sunlight.

• Good general purpose exterior covering sheet.


• Blended LDPE material (Low-density polyethylene)

• UV stabilised.

• Reasonable tear and puncture resistance.

Thickness: 150 micron


  • Structure covering ( ex: warehouse storage areas)
  • Growing system / storage privacy
  • Aquaponic float bed liner
  • Darkening and shading plants to prolong dormancy and promote flowering
  • Weed barrier for orchards and row crops
  • Greenhouse blackouts
  • Overwinter protection

Designed with a black side and a white side, this strong, waterproof blackout film is uniquely suited to applications such as weed control, greenhouse blackout, indoor growing tents, overwinter plant protection, and privacy.

Use to line growing areas or cover ground around plants with the black side down. Deprive weeds of sunlight while reflecting ambient light back onto the plants.