Hydrodepot 600w Digital Ballast


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Hydrodepot 600w Digital Ballast -HYDRODEPOT lighting engineers, designs, and manufactures high-quality digital lighting. HYDRODEPOT ballasts are matched to HYDRODEPOT efficient lamps that are tuned for optimal output and the least amount of depreciation over time.

-Fully dimmable digital ballast
-Four output settings – 250w, 400w, 600w and Super Lumen 660w
-Light weight and silent running
-Soft Start technology
-Runs both High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) lamps
-Wall mounting brackets on both ends of the unit


This Hydrodepot 600w Digital Ballast has an internal thermal protection to prevent damage through overheating. In the event of it activating the power will be cut to the unit. If this happens please disconnect the ballast from the mains supply, allow the ballast to cool, then power can be re-connected and the unit will function correctly.

The unit is designed to operate at 220V-240V AC. In some areas where there is a fluctuation higher than 10% of the mains voltage the lamp power may fluctuate by up to 20% and this can result in the ballast becoming too hot and activating the thermal cut-out. If this happens, please disconnect the unit from the mains supply and allow to cool . Once fully cooled the power may be reconnected and the unit will function correctly activated the supply voltage should be checked by a competent electrician.