CO2 Regulator

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A CO2 Regulator helps with CO2 supplementation for your grow area and your plants will love you for it!  CO2 supplementation using CO2 tanks and regulators become necessary when the grow area is too large to be accommodated by other means of CO2 supplementation that are best suited for smaller growing areas, like the average grow tent ( e.g. Yeast and sugar solutions / mycelium generators / compressed CO2 can dispensers, etc. )

There is great benefit to supplementing with CO2 when growing – as plants use the carbon gleaned from CO2 in the air to literally build themselves! ( Read more HERE )

  • Please Note: Our regulators may vary slightly in appearance and specification, depending on availability.
  • IMPORTANT: These types of regulators are NOT made to release gas for extended periods of time ( short bursts of up to around 30 seconds only, with enough time between bursts to allow the regulator to get back to normal temperature ). For LARGE rooms a thermostatically controlled electric heated regulator will be required! An unheated unit will freeze up and cease to operate correctly or trip power supply when it releases gas for extended periods of time / too frequently! If a regulator freezes up – it is either overworked, or faulty. Both of these conditions require urgent attention.
  • HANDY TIP: Apply Soapy water to (pressurized) parts and connections of your system to make sure that there are no leaks present. 


These CO2 Regulators are fitted with a 220-volt solenoid which can be turned on and off manually, or using a digital timer. Both of these methods are NOT RECOMMENDED – increasing CO2 levels in the air without CO2 monitors or CO2 controllers CAN BE FATAL! Using a CO2 controller with the regulator is ideal, as the controller’s CO2 sensor will turn the CO2 supply from the tank OFF when the desired ( and still safe for humans ) PPM levels are reached. Growers often like add enrich their room air to concentration of up to 1200 PPM CO2.

CO2 tanks are normally rented or refilled with commercial gas suppliers, e.g. Afrox.

Our regulators have the following minimum specifications:

  • 1.6m length of electrical cord and standard ZA Plug.
  • Max Inlet Pressure: 0-315 bar
  • Electricity Supply: 220V, solenoid 220V
  • Flow Rate: Up to 7 l/min
  • Pressure Gauge: Up to 3500 psi