CO2 Regulator

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These CO2 Regulators are fitted with a 220-volt solenoid valve which can be wired up to a suitable CO2 controller. This enables automated CO2 supplementation for your grow area and your plants will love you for it! (The unit can also be used to manually let CO2 into your grow space from time to time.)

CO2 tanks are normally rented or refilled with commercial gas suppliers, e.g. Afrox.

There is great benefit to supplementing with CO2 when growing – as plants use the carbon gleaned from CO2 in the air to literally build themselves! ( Read more HERE )

  • Unit is fitted with a 1.6m length of electrical cord and standard ZA Plug.
  • Max Inlet Pressure: 0-315 bar
  • Electricity Supply: 220V
  • Flow Rate: Up to 25 l/min
  • Please Note: Product may differ from pictures below cosmetically.
CO2 Regulator - Female Tank Connector
Female Tank Connector
CO2 Regulator - Flow Meter
Flow Meter
CO2 Regulator - Flow Rate Regulator
Flow Rate Regulator
CO2 Regulator - Barbed Outlet Valve
Barbed Outlet Connection ( Piping can be attached to distribute through a larger area )
CO2 Regulator - Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauge
CO2 Regulator - 220V Solenoid Valve
220V Solenoid Valve