Black Autopot Inline Water Filter 12mm


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The Black Autopot Inline Water Filter 12mm will filter out small bits of debris that are present in a water tank or nutrient reservoir. This will help prevent piping and Aquavalve blockages from happening. This is very handy when using water sources that may contain particulates, for example rainwater. in your feeding or watering systems. Rainwater harvested from rooftops often has grit, leaves, twigs and other bio-matter in it and these will eventually get stuck inside small diameter piping or Aquavalves, leading to improper functioning of the system.

Contrary to clear plastic inline water filters this black plastic filter will block out all sunlight from penetrating into the water / nutrient solution. Any clear piping or fitting used in the supply lines of water and especially nutrient solutions will cause algae growth to form inside these clear areas, which may spread to other parts of the system.

The filter has barbed connections on each side, with the shaft outer diameter being about 12.5cm. TIP: If you are connecting piping to the filter, stick the end of the piping into a bit of boiled water to soften up the pipe. This will allow for much easier fitment.

The Autopot inline filter has mesh size small enough to catch particles that may cause problems in an Autopot system, but will still let through very small particles, bordering on silt / sludge. We advise consulting an irrigation supply store with regards to getting rid of extremely small or fine types of particulates.

Filter mesh size of the Autopot Inline Water Filter can be seen in the picture below:

Black Autopot Inline Water Filter 12mm Inside Mesh