Air Stones




Air Stones are an ideal way to add oxygen to your hydroponic growing system.

Air stones aerate the nutrient solution and improve nutrient circulation which extends the life of your nutrient solution, help keep roots healthy, and promote exceptional growth.

We have a range of Air Stones for every application, be it adding oxygen to your tanks or for actually oxygenating your growing system. All these connect via Air piping to Air Pumps and Air Compressors.

Rainbow Plastic Air Stones (35mm diameter) now available: Plastic air stones will not deteriorate when bubbling compost teas and are less prone to clogging up over time.



Air curtains are mostly used for bubbling worm or compost teas (where normal air stones will get clogged up quickly and deteriorate aver time) – these will have less “bubbles”/output that a regular air stone, especially when using smaller air pumps.

The performance of your air stones will depend greatly on the size of the air pump/compressor that you will employ – tiny air pumps will only be able to bubble ONE small air stone and performance will depend on the length and condition of the piping between the two, as well as where the air pump is placed ( at least always higher than the top of the water that is being aerated! )


Air diffuses into water whenever water comes in contact with air. This commonly occurs when water on the surface of a nutrient reservoir touches the air in a grow room or when air bubbles rise through a column of water in a reservoir. Many growers employ the combination of an air pump and air stone to add oxygen to their fertigation solution (the mixture of water and fertilizer). This is a viable option for many growers and one that is able to increase dissolved oxygen levels fairly inexpensively. An air pump pumps air through food grade plastic tubing to the bottom of the reservoir, where it is attached to an air stone. The air stone then diffuses the air into small bubbles which rise through the water, increasing the dissolved oxygen level as they rise. This also happens to be a great method for keeping one’s water and fertilizer mixed, preventing the fertilizer from settling to the bottom of the reservoir.

Air curtains are sometimes preferred in applications where regular air stones clog up too quickly, or become brittle quickly ( eg. compost teas / high H2O2 presence )

PLEASE NOTE: Air Stones may vary slightly – depending on supply.