Air Pumps

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Air Pumps are used with air stones to oxygenate the water which assists with nutrient uptake.

Aquarium Diaphragm Pumps

Model Spec Power Output
Regent 5500 Single Outlet 2W 80L/h
Regent 6500 Single Outlet        Low & High setting  2.5W 100L/h
Regent 7500 Double Outlet       Low & High setting 3W 150L/h
Regent 8500 Double Outlet       Low & High setting 3.5W 210L/h
Regent 9500 Double Outlet     Flow Control 4W 240L/h
BIG BOY B-10200 4 Outlet     Flow Control 7.6W ??
AQUARIUM BLOWER HT-650 12 Outlet (using a piped manifold) 65W 4.5m3/h (35 kPa pressure)


  • Place the machine above water level to protect water from flowing backwards, OR it should be fitted with a non-return valve. ( Small air pumps may not be able to handle a check valve )
  • Integrated outlets of multi-outlet pumps should never be closed off / sealed off – if you would like to power one air stone with multiple outlets, use 5mm T-Pieces in your air tubing to combine the airflow from multiple outlets into the air stone.


Electromagnetic Compressor Air Pumps ( !!! LOUD !!! )

ACO pump

Model Voltage Power Pressure Output Outlets
ACO 002 220V 35W 0.03Mpa 40L/min 6

ACO 004

220V 55W 0.035Mpa 60L/min 8

ACO 007

220V 120W 0.04Mpa 90L/min 10

Electromagnetic Air Pump Features:
1.  The products electric magnetic motor, and the air is produced by piston in the way of straight-line and reciprocal motion, and it has more reasonable structure.

2.  Non-oil lubrication and pure compressed air.

3.  Adopt SF1 new-type wearing-resistant  material for the piston and cylinder, which is of low power consumption, large air output and high air pressure.

4.  The case is made of high-quality ZL102 aluminum alloy with streamline design, and heat-dissipation is more effective.


1.  It’s used for planting aquarium plant, aerating for seafood in hotels, restaurants, seafood booths and feeding pool etc., it’s also used for air supply to spare parts of food machine, medical instruments, belching lamps and new type paint, making and designing advertising LPG and LNG etc.

1.  Place the machine above water level to protect water from flowing backwards, or it should be fitted with a non-return valve.