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Grommets for Hydroponic systems and water reservoirs.

A hole is drilled and the  Grommet is inserted into the hole. When piping or pipe fitting is then pushed into the grommet. This will form a water tight connection.

Ring Grommet

12mm (inside diameter) Ring Rubber Grommet

15mm (inside diameter) Ring Rubber Grommet

20mm (inside diameter) Ring Rubber Grommet

25mm (inside diameter) Ring Rubber Grommet

Top Hat Grommet

6mm Top Hat Grommets fit 5mm piping

16mm Top Hat Grommets fit 12mm piping

19mm Top Hat Grommets fit 15mm piping


Hole Saw Sizes for Grommets – Please note: these hole saw sizes are for flat surfaces not for curved surfaces.

12mm Ring – 19 mm Hole Saw

15mm  Ring – 19mm Hole Saw

20mm  Ring – 25mm Hole Saw

25mm  Ring – 31mm Hole Saw

6mm Grommet for reservoir – 9mm drill bit or Hole Saw


6mm Top Hat – 10 mm drill bit or Hole Saw

16mm  Top Hat – 19mm Hole Saw

19mm  Top Hat – 21mm Hole Saw


The correct size hole is cut with a hole saw and the grommet inserted then finally the grommet fitting is pushed into the grommet. It is not recommended that Petroleum Jelly is used as a lubricant. A silicon lubricant though more expensive is better.

Please note if grommet is fitted and then taken out a number of times, it may stretch.