Inline Filter




The Inline filter is designed specifically for use in low volume, low pressure systems.

It has only one filter screen available.  The cartridge is made of plastic and is designed to trap any particles that would clog up your system. 

The openings in the inline filter cartridge are 1.3mm x 0.5mm which equates approximately to a 20 mesh filter screen in area of opening (0.65mm2).

With the clear barrel it is easy to see if the filter cartridge needs cleaning or is blocked.

If possible try to prevent placing in direct sunlight in order to inhibit fungal growth inside the filter.

The ends conform to the rest of the range of fittings with their unique barb configuration.

Fittings are made of black nylon, which is a tough and durable material. The reason these fittings are made black is to ensure the maximum resistance to UV degradation and to prevent the egress of red light into the pipe which could promote algae development.

These fittings have been tried and tested for over 35 years in the harsh South African sun and are still going strong.

Fittings are designed for use on polyethylene pipe manufactured to SABS-533 specifications (class 3 or class 6). When properly used with this specification of pipe, these fittings will not increase the pipe diameter by more than 10% as recommended by the South African Bureau of Standards. Any additional increase in pipe diameter beyond this can cause stress cracking, especially in pipe not made to specification or of inferior quality. These fittings are manufactured with a unique (and registered) barb configuration which is designed to take maximum advantage of the memory of polyethylene pipe, making it possible for the pipe to return to it’s original size between barbs and thus maximising the effectivity of the barbs and improving the strength of the join.