1M Square Tray


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1M Square Tray has a depth of 12 cm and a massive internal capacity of 100 Litres. The tray features a series of shallow horizontal ridges on the internal base of the tray which aid drainage from plant pots.

Equally useful as a commercial drip / spillage tray for oils and chemical storage. There are many potential other applications such as a sand pit for kids, a plant irrigation display tray for garden centres and a mixing tray for cement to name but a few. Trays of this size and strength are very hard to find.

How The Garland Tray Works:

The sturdy plastic tray with lipped sides works as a catch-container for liquids and mediums. Garland Trays are easy to drill for DIY adaptation.

Using the DIY / Run-off Tray:

A Garland Tray can be placed underneath your plant-pots as an alternative to using individual saucers underneath each pot. Garland Trays can be used at the bottom of a grow-tent or grow-space to catch accidental spills or to prevent water-damage should a leak occur in your hydroponic system. Can also be used for a Flood and Drain system.

Made from recycled polypropylene.

Size: 1M Long, 1M Wide, 12cm  High External

PLEASE NOTE: A 1 m tray WILL fit into a 1 m x 1 m MARS HYDRO grow tent, as the tray has rounded corners, that will accommodate the small diameter tent frame uprights.