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The WeDryer innovative design allows anyone to quickly set up their own herb dryer at home. The results are always high-quality without using any chemicals or having to worry about insects, smells or mould. The WeDryer is foldable for easy storage, and can easily be set up anywhere in your home.

Has multiple benefits over traditional drying nets. Herbs dried in the WeDryer have:

  • A lower percentage of residual moisture.
  • A lower mildew count.
  • Lower THC evaporation.

The internal filter is effectively sealing it from the outside world, preventing the release of smells to the environment. The filters are rated for 3 months of continuous use – around 12 drying cycles. Replacement filters are also available.

High-Quality Uniform Drying

Features a unique air circulation system that has undergone extensive testing to ensure constant air flow for high-quality and uniform drying of herbs.

Prevents the Spread of Mould

Mould spreads when there is moisture from herbs and plants in a closed and unventilated area. The WeDryer reduces the spread of mould by generating a constant flow of clean, filtered air.

Completely Odour Free

Our odour filtering system prevents unwanted odors from the plants and herbs being dried, and can reduce the spread of allergens from the cannabis drying process.

Light-Weight, Compact, Easy to Store

The WeDryer is foldable and easy to store. Its compact design makes it perfect for small spaces, like a small apartment or even a closet.

Quiet and Discreet

Herb dryers are often very noisy and visible. WeDryer dries your herbs quietly and can work in small or closed spaces, allowing for very discreet use.

Leave the Grow Tent for Growing

Use your grow tent for growing instead of drying and continue to grow while your current batch dries.


Regular – Diameter: 30cm, Height: 40cm, Tiers: 4, Filter Size: 120x120x25mm, 400-500g of Wet Herbs

XL – Diameter: 60cm, Height: 60cm, Tiers: 5, Filter Size: 120x120x50mm, 3-4Kg of Wet Herbs