Scrog Netting

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Horticultural Scrog Netting is a durable and rigid product made from polypropylene and is specifically designed for the structural support of horizontal and vertical growth.

Whether used vertically to provide support for climber crops or horizontally to maintain an even canopy, the uses and applications for Horticultural Scrog Netting goes far and wide.

Rolls are 1.25 meters wide, with netting squares of 12cm x 12cm and is sold per meter.

In vertical horticulture the netting is typically installed 30cm above the grow medium. For crops that grow very tall, you can run vertical strips in sections as wide as the roll and as high as needed. For crops that don’t grow as tall but still grow vertically, you can run horizontal strips as wide as the roll and as long as needed.

In horizontal horticulture an initial layer of Scrog is installed horizontally over your crops with as many additional layers above that as needed. A net fastening structure is usually constructed so that the netting can be tightly stretched over your crop allowing the grower the ability to support, train and manipulate growth into an even canopy.

Advantages of using horticultural netting:

  • Increases plant density by expanding the growth surface along the netting.
  • Increased sun exposure.
  • Increased aeration within the garden.
  • Protection of flowers and fruits through structural support.
  • Less chances of mold and fungus growth.
  • Increase in number of flowers and fruits harvested.
  • Decreased chances of accidental damage to fruits and flowers.
  • Extends the life span and general health of plants.
  • Carefully designed to not cut or hurt plants in any way.