Tomato Plant Clips




Tomato Plant Clips are perfect for keeping your Tomato and other plants upright, by attaching them to a trellis, or to stretchy tape or twist ties or even regular pieces of string that are in turn tied to an overhead support.


These clips are made from durable plastic, forming a round click-on ring that locks tight around the plant stalks.

  1. Insert your trellis, stretchy tape or twist tie into the bend of the plant clip, making sure that the material will be clasped tightly by the little clips that are present on the clip, right where it bends.
  2. Insert one or more plant stalks into the ring and clip it shut

The clip will have a loose fit around the plant stem so that the stem does not get damaged and has slits around the sides for free air movement.

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Tomato Plant Clips are perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, other vine crops and anywhere where plant shoots have a tendency to fall over.