Green Stretchy Tape


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Green Stretchy Tape that accommodates plant growth by stretching up to twice its own length. Tough, durable and resistant to sunlight and moisture. Ideal for trellising, training and tying.

Length: 50 m ( 1 cm wide )


It’s long. The tape comes on a roll – one of its biggest advantages. You can spool out a length as long as you need to reach those long, renegade plant branches and rein them into the cage or stake. You can even encircle an entire plant or weave the tape in and out of branches before tying it off. Other purchased garden ties are pre-cut. They’re often not long enough to stretch out and accommodate branches.

It’s moisture-resistant. The vinyl allows moisture to roll off the tape, discouraging mildew, a feature especially appreciated by gardeners who work relentlessly to prevent diseases.

It’s strong. Vinyl content makes the tape strong enough to last a full season even when exposed to full sun for weeks and weeks. Yet stretches without strangling or breaking branches.