Sunmaster Dual Spectrum 400W


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Sunmaster Dual Spectrum 400W

For growers who don’t want to use a Metal Halide bulb for vegetative and a High Pressure Sodium bulb for flowering, Sunmaster have developed their Dual Spectrum range of bulbs.

It is a High Pressure Sodium bulb with an enhanced blue spectrum. This blue light means the bulbs can be used in the vegetative stage as well as the flowering where plants need the orange and red spectrum.

Product Description
Venture Sunmaster HPS Dual Spectrum (for growth and bloom):
– Increases chlorophyll content for a deeper green and healthier plants
– Promotes a greater leaf area / -mass
– prevents unnatural stem elongation
– produces thicker main stems
– similar to blue deficiencies of HPS
– promotes earlier flowering and number of flowers
– support accelerated linear growth
– increasing the total number of branches and internodes
– delivers an increased fruit weight
– produced higher yields (total biomass)

Ballast is required to fire lamp

Sunmaster Dual Spectrum 400W Specifications:

Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 400W
Base Type: E40
Dimensions: 46 mm x 260 mm
Color temperature: 2000K
Luminous flux: 55000 Lm
Lifetime: 24000 hours

Burning position: universal