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Venture Metal Halide (MH) lamps are designed for plants during their growing cycle, i.e. for non-fruiting or non-blooming plants: they are great for reproducing the spring to summer light spectrum. Metal Halide lighting is therefore the best HID choice for the plant’s vegetation growing phase.

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The output of Metal Halide lamps is closer to natural sunlight than most other light sources.

Venture Metal Halide Lamps are a high output horticultural grow lamps specifically designed for the Vegetative/Growth phase of a plants cycle.

Each Venture MH Lamp is fitted with an E40 screw fitting for connection to most brands of HID reflectors and cables. These lamps can only be struck with a HID lighting ballast of the same wattage.

Metal Halide Lamps are for use during the Growth phase of plants (light cycle 18/6).

Venture Metal Halide Grow lamps can be used with analogue or digital ballast.

Each Metal Halide Lamp from Venture produces a light that is 4000 Kelvin – Blue Spectrum.

Venture 250w MH Lamp – Lumen Output: 22,000

Venture 400w MH Lamp – Lumen Output: 36,000

Venture 600w MH Lamp – Lumen Output: 50,000

Venture1000w MH Lamp – Lumen Output: 90,000

Remember: When handling grow lamps to ensure you don’t leave fingerprints on the glass as this will impair the performance of the lamp. It is best to use a cloth when handling grow lamps.

Ballast is required to fire lamp


Metal halide bulbs are very efficient and produce between 65 and 115 lumens of light output per watt of electricity used. MH bulbs produce a light that is very close to full summer sun, with a spectrum rich in the blue end. This promotes fast vegetative growth and compact, stocky plants with short internodal leaf spacing.

Metal Halide bulbs create light by passing electricity through an clear inner arc tube that is enclosed in the vacuum of an outer clear glass tube. This inner arc tube contains mercury and other metals in iodide form. When electricity is applied to these metal iodides they give off very intense light and heat. The outer casing can be either clear or phosphorus coated. Most gardeners prefer the clear bulb as it produces the brightest white light available.

MH bulbs come in sizes from 70 to 1500 watts with the 250 w, 400 w , 600 w and the 1000 w being the most popular sizes for gardening. All the bulbs need to run with a ballast (basically a transformer to step up the voltage to the proper amount), that are designed to run a specific size bulb.

Medal Halide bulbs (except the 1000 w Super Bulb) should be replaced about every 9500-10000 hours or aprox.18 months (assuming an 18 hour / day on cycle).

HID Lamps Coverage Area Height Above Plants
250W 75 x 75cm 40cm
400W 90 x 90cm 45cm
600W 105 x 105cm 50 – 60cm
1000W 1.2 x 1.2 60 – 90cm