Mylar Reflective Sheeting


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Mylar Reflective Sheeting actively increases the amount of available light accessed by plants.

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Light that is not reaching your plants is being wasted. Reflect that wasted light back on to your plants to achieve the best results possible for your indoor garden. Is often used to line the walls, floors and ceilings of your grow-room to increase reflectivity up to 92%.

Mylar is reinforced aluminium foil insulation material. Made from lamination of aluminium foil, Kraft paper, reinforced synthetic fibre and polyethylene.

It proves extremely durable and will easily attach to most surfaces.

It does not have an adhesive backing, therefore we would recommend using heat resistant silver duct tape.

Has an above average light reflectivity (90-92%).

Mylar does not reduce heat in summer and does not retain heat in Winter.

The material acts as a waterproof membrane when used under roof tiles.  Mylar does not insulate and is not used for temperature and humidity insulation.

1.4m wide.

Thickness: 50 microns (µm)

Sold per meter.