Submersible Water Pumps

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Submersible Water Pumps are used to circulate nutrient-rich water in NFT and other hydroponic systems.

How to choose your pump.

Model Output Head Pipe Fitting Size
Sun Sun HJ-542 400 L/h 0.8m 12mm
Sun Sun HJ-742 600 L/h 1m 12mm
Sun Sun HJ-942 800 L/h 1.3m 12mm
Sun Sun HJ-1142 1000L/h 1.6m 15mm
Sun Sun HJ-1542 1400L/h 2.0m 20mm
Sun Sun HJ-1842 1800 L/h 2.5m 20mm

Submersible water pumps are just electromagnets. The coil is in the main body, and the impeller shaft has a magnet. Water can get in-between the impeller shaft and main body, and it acts like a lubricant. There are just a few basic parts, the main body, the impeller and shaft, the flow restrictor, impeller cover, and inlet opening cover. It can be taken all apart and cleaned. You should get used cleaning the pump regularly. It’s easy to do especially when you do it regularly. Just take it apart and use regular dish soap and a sponge or brush.

The Sun Sun pumps comes with a filter sponge and need to be cleaned regularly. All you need to do is put a dab of soap on it and work it in under running water, then rinse it out thoroughly. Please note that Sun Sun has been taken over by Grech and boxes may have the Grech name on instead of Sun Sun.