Spiral LED Lamps 36W


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Spiral LED Lamps 36W – Energy saving replacements for traditional Fluorescent CFLs, available with E40 or E27 screw-in fittings. These lamps have a 6000K color temperature and are popular for seedlings and cuttings, an excellent way to establish young plants. They are good for shelf gardening because their low heat allows you to place lights on shelves that are stacked on top of each other. Smaller plants and seedlings can thrive in a well-designed indoor garden lit with LED grow lights.

6000k is great for germinating, seedlings, cuttings and the vegetative life stage.

When plants are young, high output lighting can be too intense, causing them stress and negatively affecting growth. Instead, cuttings and seedlings can be placed under smaller LED lights until they are ready to move on into the veg or even the bloom rooms.

During propagation or cloning, lights should be kept on for 18 hours a day, although many growers find that quicker growth is achieved by keeping them on constantly, without a night period at all.

Because of these lamps’ low running temperature they are ideal for growing in small spaces and their low power usage keeps costs low for the small scale grower. They are an excellent option during the vegetative stage because they can be placed much closer to the plant’s foliage, which tends to encourage the plant to remain short and stocky – favorable characteristics to look for when growing indoors.

E27 is a standard household fitting, e.g. a desk/study screw-in lamp.

E40 is larger than your standard house fitting.

E40 lamps fit reflectors that are normally used for HPS lighting. ( These reflectors come with male kettle plug cords, not 3-pin plug cords, but they can be converted for use with a LED spiral lamp with a suitable female kettle plug to 3-pin plug cord, or by snipping the kettle plug and replacing with a 3-pin plug )

If you use a reflector – your light output is maximized by bouncing most of the emitted light down onto your plants.

Spiral LED Lamps 36W SPECS:

3000 Lumens

6000K Color Temperature ( Tone )

Length: 205mm

Diameter: 75mm