Rainbow Coloured Plant Benders


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Rainbow Coloured Plant Benders – colourful and sturdy plant trainer bends now available!

These bends are 35 mm long, 13mm high and come in a variety of random colours. Sold individually.

Plant Bends enable you to train leaves or stems to ensure a plant receives as much light as possible. They offer flexible short and side truss support for truss stems and can be attached at an early stage of growth. Plant Bends are bendable, so the stem does not have to be forced through the support and they bend with the truss as the stem grows.

This little device allows you to gently bend the branches of your plants so they can receive more light than if they grew naturally. As the plant grows, they are clipped to the stems which change their growing direction. By clipping on more, you can sculpt the shape of your plant to provide maximum light penetration and increase flower development. After a week or so they can be removed and the bend will remain, they can then be used elsewhere on the plant.

Rainbow Coloured Plant Benders are best for use as early as possible in the plants life when the branches are smaller and more pliable. As a plant matures, its branches and stems stiffen and can become more woody. These are far harder to train and can easily snap if they bend too far. With a bit of forward planning, these Plant Bends can be put to great use. However, if your plants have become too big for them, you may need to come up with another plan!