Plant Pots




Plant Pots, plastic, various shapes and sizes: Plastic plant pots range from economical Thermoform pots that are made from thinner plastic, to more durable and longer lasting plastic pots that are able to accommodate larger specimens for longer periods of time. Always start a seed or seedling in a small pot and pot up to a slightly larger pot every time the roots have reached the outside of the pot. If plants are left in a pot that is too small for their roots, they will stunt and get rootbound.

Please note: Actual dimensions on all products may vary slightly due to production runs and supply chain sources.

Square Pots 

Square Pots are ideal for Herbs, Annuals and Perennials. The Square Pot allows dual drainage bottoms.

Black Square Pot – 10cm:

9cm Width

9cm Height


Black Square Pot – 12.5cm:

13cm Width

12.5cm Height


Black or Square Pot – 17.5cm:

18cm Width

14.5cm Height


10L Square Pot:

24cm Width Top

20 cm Diameter Bottom

27cm Height

Can actually hold 11lt volume10l-black-square-pot

Pot is square at the top and round at the bottom


15L Square Pot: 

26cm Width Top

22cm Diameter Bottom

31cm Height

Pot is square at the top and round at the bottom



9.5L pot tray

25cm Saucer:

25cm Diameter Top

23.5cm Diameter Bottom

28mm Height


32cm Saucer:

32cm Diameter Top

29cm Diameter Bottom

40mm Height


34cm Saucer:

34cm Round Saucer

Fits a 20lt Fabric Freedom Pot comfortably

40cm Diameter Top

34cm Diameter Bottom

70mm Height


1.5L Thermoform Plant Pots

The Thermo-formed pot is manufactured from a sheet of extruded poly-propylene. They offer a cheaper, yet presentable solution for your product.

thermoform pot

15cm Diameter Top

11cm Diameter Bottom

13.5cm Height




5L Thermoform Pot

22.5cm Diameter Top

17.5cm Diameter Bottom

17cm Height